programmer, lover, self-learning natural intelligence human bot

I am a full stack developer, trainer and author

I am inspired by many, especially by Derek Sivers, _why and the open source community in general and I am grateful to a lot of people who made my life beautiful.

I love reading books and the ones that I like most are Kahlil Gibran's Prophet, Broken Wings.

I love listening to new age, ambient, world music and sometimes Michel Jackson's Dangerous.

I started my career as an editor for a publishing house and then later as a content writer and music critique for a blogging network before I turned to programming.

I live in a beautiful city of the dawn, affectionately called the Auroville. While it’s difficult to define what Auroville is in a few lines here, you can read more about it in auroville.org, especially its Charter, dream and its supporters.

As “a willing servitor” of Auroville, I am involved in a lot of challenging web projects (public link to projects coming soon!) for the city and I am in constant need for volunteers who can help with me on these projects. If you are interested in these projects and willing to volunteer, please get in touch with me.

In life I play the role of son, brother, husband, father and friend to my loved ones, and I feel it's a long journey to fulfill each of these role.

with love,