Founder, CTO, Author, Corporate Trainer, Programmer, self-learning natural intelligence human bot

Shankar Dhanasekaran (@shankardevy) is the Founder and CTO of Talam, Auroville. He is an international keynote speaker in Elixir conference held in Portugal addressing more than 800 programmers from all over the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in several technologies. His experience spans over Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, IoT, Robotics and a multitude of Javascript frameworks among other languages and frameworks he played with.

In his career, Shankar has worked with several startups, small and large organisation in the UK, USA, Australia and in Europe working directly under the C-level executives.

He is the author of Phoenix Inside Out book series of 4 books and an Elixir trainer working with both community level education for young adults to corporate training for Multinational Companies.

Shankar has previously taken training workshops and delivered talks in international conferences such as OpenCamps, New York (2018), training at ElixirConf EU (2019) and ElixirConf EU 2023.